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 Q: What is the offer?

A: 50% off applicable products including sales items with the code: BIG50. No minimum spend.

 Q: When does the sale end?

A: The sale is live from Friday 30th July and will run until 23:59 EST on Sunday 15th August 2021. Please note that orders placed after this time will not be eligible for the discount. 

 Q: What will be on sale Online?

A:  Collectif, Bright and Beautiful, and Lulu Hun items will be included in the sale. Concessions (non-Collectif brands) are also included. This includes sale items.

Please note that this offer is not valid on the Collectif Loves Top Vintage collaboration, any items marked with the “new season” sticker or Gift Vouchers.

This code is not valid in conjunction with any other offers or promotions.

 Q: How do I get the promotion?

A: Please make sure you log in to your Collectif account. If you don’t already have an account, you can set one up here:


Once registered and logged in, shop away as usual and just enter the code in the promo box at checkout and press ‘apply’. Please double check that the code has been applied to your basket before completing your order, as we cannot apply it for you retrospectively.  Please also note that the code will be case sensitive, so enter it exactly as you see it. The code is: BIG50

 Q: I forgot to add the code to my order. Can you refund me the discount if I contact you?

A: We're very sorry, but we are unable to apply any codes retrospectively and/or refund any difference in price created by the code. Please ensure you have applied the code and that the discount has been applied to your basket before placing your order.

 Q: I bought something previously but now it’s cheaper with the code, can you refund me the difference if I contact you?

A:  Unfortunately if the prices were correct at the time of purchase, then we are unable to refund you for any price reductions made after this time.

 Q: I’ve ordered the wrong size/colour/style! What can I do?

A: During the sale period we will, unfortunately, be unable to amend orders after they have been placed. Please make sure that you check your order thoroughly before you complete it! However, you are very welcome to return the item(s) to us for a refund or credit note (see our full returns policy for more details). If you’re concerned about the item you like selling out, we would advise you to order your replacement ASAP and return the original order. We will not be able to ‘hold’ stock from our website.

 Q: I’ve just found something else that I want to buy, but I’ve already placed my order! What can I do?

A: During the sale period, we, unfortunately, cannot amend orders in any way once they have been placed - this includes adding items to your order and combining orders to save postage. Again, please be sure before you order! Alternatively, you can use this code as many times as you like, so you can always pop through another order to grab that extra item.

 Q: How long will my sale order take to arrive?

A: During our busy sale period we do of course have lots of extra hands working extra hard to get all your parcels dispatched ASAP. However, we do advise that our dispatch times will be longer than usual during our sale and that you can expect your orders to be dispatched anywhere between 2 to 10 working days after being placed.

International customers will receive a dispatch note directly from us, giving their tracking number so they can keep up to date with their parcel.

 Q: Can I buy gift vouchers during this sale period?

A: Unfortunately gift vouchers are not included in the promotion, however, you can buy them without the discount.

 Q: I have an already existing gift voucher/credit note. Can I use this in conjunction with the sale code?

A: The short answer is yes, you can! Our gift vouchers are now issued in the form of e-wallet credit. Therefore to use your gift voucher just shop away as usual, enter the discount code ensuring this has applied, click ‘checkout & pay’ and follow instructions on the next page for e-wallet payments.

 Q: I am a wholesale customer. Can I use this promotion?

A: This offer applies to retail customers only. Unfortunately, the promotion will not work on your order if you are a wholesale customer.

 Q: Why is the website slow?

A: Imagine all of the other lovely people across the world who are also trying to place their order! Please bear in mind - the more windows you have open, the harder our server will have to work. Please use one tab only in your browser, as this will optimise everyone’s experience on the website! Our servers are always under a lot of pressure during the sale period so please be patient, especially over the start of a sale where we receive a huge amount of site traffic. We promise we are working to make the website as efficient as possible and we massively appreciate your patience.

 Q: Why does the website say I’m being held in a queue?

A: In order to maximise everyone’s shopping experience during this busy time, we have introduced a queuing system to our site. This means that while there may be a little wait to access the site when your turn comes, you should find everything running smoothly. We appreciate your patience while queuing!

 Q: I can't see the item I want to buy- where has it gone?

A: The item you were looking for has run out - all stock is limited! We do not have any stock in our warehouse that is not available online so please trust the website- it’s no longer available.

 Q: I had an item in my basket, but now it’s gone – why was it removed?

A: We can assure you that items are not being intentionally removed from your basket. Adding an item to your basket does not reserve the item, so it is likely that your item was the last piece in that size and someone else has unfortunately purchased the item before you reached the checkout. We understand that this is frustrating, but all stock is limited and demand for popular styles and sizes will be high.

 Q: Will you be restocking? I really want an item but it’s not showing as ‘in stock’ on your website!

A: Unfortunately we will not be restocking any items during this sale. If an item is not in stock, it has unfortunately sold out.

 Q: I didn’t change my address, will you be able to send my order to my correct address?

A: If you make your purchase using Paypal, the only way your postal address comes through to our system is via PayPal. Please make sure that, when placing your order, your shipping address is correct on our website and the PayPal checkout page. If you are using your card to pay online ensure you double check your address on our website at checkout. If the address is not correct at the time of order, we will not be able to make changes to this so please double-check everything.

 Q: What happens if my item is out of stock?

A: As we receive so many orders during our sale period, sometimes two orders can be placed simultaneously for the last piece in a size. If an item is out of stock on your order we will automatically issue you with a refund when we get to the processing stage, and send out the rest of your order. We will also email you, to notify you. If your whole order is out of stock, we will email you to inform you and refund you in full.

 Q: I emailed you earlier but you haven’t responded to me. Why?

A: Please be patient with emails, we will be responding to them as quickly as possible. We are in the office Monday-Friday 9am-5pm BST (excluding UK bank holidays.) We answer every single email we receive, so please don’t worry - you will be replied to, but do take into consideration that this can take some time. Please make sure that you are emailing us at shop@collectif.co.uk, as this is the only email to which we will receive queries. Please also note that our auto-reply is an automatically generated response designed to help answer any FAQs and is not in place of a full response – we will get back to you personally as soon as we possibly can.

 Q: I sent you a message on Facebook about my order. Why haven’t you replied?

A: As with our emails, we receive lots and lots of Facebook messages during the sale and will respond to all of them as soon as we can. Our Facebook is monitored from 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday BST (excluding UK bank holidays.) However, please bear in mind that we are only able to answer questions regarding orders via email and that all queries of this kind should be directed to customer services. You can reach them by emailing shop@collectif.co.uk.

 Q: Help! I need sizing advice. What do I do?

A: Have you had a look at our sizing charts and universal size converter?  They feature measurements and conversions, wherever you are in the world. Please note:  Bright & Beautiful have a different size chart to Collectif, so please check this before placing your order. The B&B size chart is available via the link below. Check out our size charts HERE

 Q: Why haven't I received my order yet?

A: We have a dedicated team working hard to get your orders out, but during busy sale periods this will take longer than usual. Please expect your orders to be dispatched anywhere between 2 to 10 working days after being placed. Please also note shipping times may be affected due to covid at present.

 Q: I need my order for a very specific date- can you send it out so I receive it in time?

A: We will send out your orders as soon as possible, but please bear in mind we will be extra, extra busy during this period. For the above reason, we cannot confirm the exact delivery date of your order. We aim to send out all orders within the 2-10 working day window mentioned above. However, please still order with lots of time to spare, as we have no control over how long orders may take to get to you once they have been passed to our courier service, especially in relation to international orders. Please see the top of our Delivery & Returns Policy for more on the current covid delays.

 Q: Will I receive a dispatch note?

A: When your order is complete you should receive a confirmation email, which will be sent to the address which you used to set up your Collectif account – please make sure this email is correct and in use. After this, you will receive an email notification of dispatch when your order leaves our warehouse. For international customers, postage times may vary, but you will now receive a dispatch email that will include your tracking number so you can keep up to date with your parcel via the Royal Mail or UPS website.

 Q: The item that I bought in the sale doesn’t fit/I don’t like it. Can I return it?

A: Our returns policy applies to all sale items. Should you wish to return your item, please make sure it complies with our returns policy which can be found here: returns policy. Please ensure that if you are returning from outside the UK, you mark the parcel as "returned goods."

 Q: I bought an item(s) using the code and want to exchange it, but now it’s more expensive. What can I do?

A:  You can return items for a refund or credit note in line with our delivery and returns policy. You will be given the amount spent on that item so unfortunately, you will not receive the same offer on any exchanges.  You will be able to use a credit note on sale items and future sales so this will mean you can use that for any future promotions we run. Please ensure that if you are returning from outside the UK, you mark the parcel as "returned goods."

 Q: Why is my return taking so long?

A: Our team will be incredibly busy during the sale period and will do our very best to get all orders and returns completed ASAP. Please bear in mind that returns posted to the US return address are sent to an external company, so we must wait for them to check over the items and send us the details before we can process them. Please keep an eye on your tracking to ensure that this is delivered to the US returns address.

 For any unanswered questions, please drop an email to shop@collectif.co.uk.